About Restaurant

You walk in the door and a wonderful aroma of exotic spices greets your senses. You can almost taste the food before your server hands you the extensive menu. How much do you know about the food you eat when you visit Indian Flame and Pizza? Did you know that all Indian food is influenced by the area of the country it comes from – in this case, it is Northern India, where generations of historical culture go into creating the Indian food cooked for you in the Indian Flame and Pizza Restaurant? The mysterious combinations of the spices found in this area of India create the tantalizing aromas and the even more scrumptious flavours as you taste your first forkful. How can anything this tasty be good for you as well? Home-cooked and nutritious, the ingredients are strongly believed to provide protection against many diseases and conditions. For example, studies have determined that cinnamon reduces triglyceride, blood sugar, and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, and it is also thought that curcumin (an ingredient in turmeric) affects the advance of cancer. In any case, researchers are lately discovering the efficacy of many more of the spices that we will find in this popular cuisine.These aromatic and effective spices are used to enhance the flavour of the fresh vegetables, lentils and pulses, and the meat that is cooked in the tandoori oven or the wok. The combinations that the chef creates, make flavours to savour, and a meal to remember. Good Food Takes Time Keep in mind, the best food is never served immediately. It takes time to create your own personal dish, with the fresh foods that are used in this kitchen. So be patient, and enjoy the company of your dining partners as your meal is being prepared. While you are waiting, you might notice people picking up take-out orders. You’ll also notice that some of the take-outs are in a pizza box. Indian Flame and Pizza satisfies other tastes by also serving pizza. If you look at the pizza menu, you’ll see your traditional toppings like ham and pineapple and pepperoni, but you’ll also see toppings that are influenced by the Indian menu. How about Palak Paneer Pizza, with fresh spinach, onions and homemade cottage cheese with spices? Or you might choose the ever-favourite Butter Chicken Pizza, with tandoori chicken, red onions, on top of the much loved – butter chicken sauce.