Our Chef

There is no better way to ensure that your food will be prepared with care, than when the owner is actually doing the cooking. Your host, Paul (Chetan) Multani, the proprietor of the Indian Flame and Pizza Restaurant, is also the Chef, so you can be sure that your food is served with the thought and consideration you deserve. He uses recipes that he learned at home, and he honed his craft during his experiences in Toronto Restaurants. Now he has brought his skills to Red Deer for your pleasure. A Combination of Delights Paul has owned Indian Flame and Pizza Restaurant for 4 years. He decided to offer a combination of Red Deer's gastronomic tastes by providing both Indian food and Pizza in his restaurant. But it is pizza with a twist. As well as the traditional and expected pizza toppings, the restaurant also offers Indian-influenced toppings. Have a look at the menu to see such pizzas as Butter Chicken Pizza made with Tandoori chicken, red onions and the tasty and well-known sauce. Friendly Service Paul Multani is not like those chefs you never see, who stay hidden in the kitchen – he's regularly out on the floor, checking that your food tastes good. And, like the perfect host, he’s there seeing that you have everything you need.